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Bemærk! Denne workshop foregår på engelsk.

Level: intermediate, some experience with colour work knitting can be nice

The Wervel sweater is Maaike’s contribution to the book Neons & Neutrals by La Bien Aimée & Laine Magazine. In the Wervel workshop we will make colour cards to try out palettes for the Wervel yoke and work on the Fast Forward Fix (FFF) technique, which Maaike developed and is used in the Wervel sweater.

Maaike was mesmerised by the idea of a sweater design in different gauges, since she likes to knit & design colour work yokes in a finer gauge but tends to get impatient when having to knit plain body and sleeves in similar fine gauge. So, she came up with the FFF technique, a fun yet simple way to connect two gauges together offering an inspiring yoke knitting experience with a speedy road to the end! No sleeve islands! No procrastinating! In the workshop we will practice the FFF technique from smaller to larger gauge and vice versa.

While practicing the FFF technique participants get a glimpse into the creative thought process behind her designs. Maaike tells more about Wervel’s design process (a.o. inspiration & development of the colour work) and how to choose yarns & colour palettes for the Wervel sweater. With 10 colours in the yoke, there’s quite some colour interaction going on!

You’ll discover what works in terms of yarns & colours, how much contrast you need and how you can play with colours, tones & contrast. Maaike also gives many tips & tricks to knit stranded colour work as smoothly and beautifully as possible. The Wervel sweater is the starting point here, but you can apply this information to any colour work.

You’ll also learn tools and techniques to test out colour combinations before starting your swatch/sweater. We will practice one of these techniques in the workshop: making a colour card for the Wervel sweater. This is a fun and quick way to test out the colours for the yoke.

Maaike brings many swatches that she made during the design process plus her Wervel sweater samples, so you can see, feel, and try them on.

Participants will receive a hand-out explaining the FFF technique from Maaike, to take home.

Please bring:
Knitting needles size 3.5, 4.5, and 5 mm (straight or 40 cm. circular.
2 small (15-20 gr) balls of light, airy and preferably a bit fluffy Sport or heavy Fingering weight yarn.
3 colours (or more) of leftover yarn from stash, which we share with each other for making colour cards.

Is there anything the participants need to/can buy on the course:
Self-published patterns by Maaike

Language: English and/or Dutch.

Teacher: Maaike van Geijn, knitwear designer, The Netherlands
Instagram: @breielaar

22. september 2024
09:00 - 12:00
DKK 475
Hurup Skole, Idrætsvej 11
Hurup, 7760
Bygning A | Lokale 2
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